Trends In Women Footwear For This Spring/summer Season

Trends In Women Footwear For This Spring/summer Season

Trends in footwear for this spring/summer are offering something for everyone. Some of them were accepted in the previous seasons, some will try to make a comeback after long years of absence, and some yet  are fighting for a place in women’s closets.

Whatever model you choose, the colors of this season are: 

cream, coral, orange, turquoise, white, light pink, brown, yellow and green. The details are particularly important, because thanks to them you can have a unique style.

Ankle boots with a hole in your fingers.

One of the biggest hits this season are  boots that are high up to the ankles and which are open at the toes. Although the weather is warmer, boots to the ankles are retained from last season. The beauty of these so-called “summer boots” is that they fit any style of clothing. You could say that all varieties of this type of boots are “in” – with high heels, with various details like feathers and fringed with a platform or with many straps.

Shoes with high heel and a front platform.

 Shoes with high heels and a front platform remained one of the top trends this season. The height of the heels is tolerable and they are very practical for walking. Those who follow fashion trends know that one pair of these shoes is mandatory. Apart from white, cream, coral and gray, turquoise and metallic paint is “hot” for this season.

Shoes with a higher rear platform.

  For many women these shoes are lighter to carry than high heels. They can be part of the everyday casual or the elegant evening attire. For more interesting fresh look choose bright colors or floral details and decorations. Do not be afraid to experiment, because it is hard to fail when it comes to these models!

“Mary Jane” shoes.

“Mary Jane” is an American term for shoes  who have a low heel, rounded to the fingers and have a strap at the ankle. For those who want a classic look, these are the perfect footwear. This season the shoes of this type are modified. The height of the heels varies, and also the thickness of the belt. Classic black is replaced with cooler or neutral colors.

Non-standard ballet shoes.

Fans of  the ballet shoes this year should choose non-standard models with much detail or models that hide ankles.If you have nice toned legs, you can wear the with shorts or dresses. A modern alternative to the ballet shoes are shoes and sandals with small heels.

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