10 Fashion Disasters That You Must Avoid

10 Fashion Disasters That You Must Avoid

Shaping your own style of dressing that will make you feel good in our skin is not an easy work. Plus, the problem consists not only in how we look like, but how much are we able to combine different pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry that we have, and still being to able to be constantly different, unique and beautifully dressed for every occasion. In any case, make sure to remember these ten fashion disasters.

1. Wearing everything in same color is wrong. 

Definitely the wrong fashion step is to think that the color of your clothes, purse, shoes and jewelry should be the same color. In fact in most cases is much better to combine colors, fabrics and cuts. If different pieces nicely fit with one another, there is no need for them to be in the same color.

2. Too much jewelry does not look “delicious”

If you are wearing a blouse or a jacket with buttons, beads, zippers, pockets or any application that is already decorated, don’t put any more jewelry, you will look as if you are going to a carnival. When you want to wear more jewelry or scarves, select monotone and simple blouse.

3. Black makeup all over your face does not make you look sexy.

The term fashion does not mean just choosing the perfect outfit. If your face has a ton of makeup, who will notice what you are wearing? If you wear black eye shadow, definitely do not wear black lipstick and, unless you want to look like the characters from Adam’s Family.

4. Never combine different patterns

When you combine pieces of clothing, always keep in mind that the striped and plaited clothes never go hand in hand.

5. Do not ignore manicures.

To have a good fashion style, means that you have to nourish your overall appearance. Despite the good combinations of your beautiful pieces of clothing and makeup, your nails and hair should always look at least decent. Varnished nails will forever be in fashion and look sexy if they fit with the colors of your outfit. It is important to note that you should never leave the bow alone to peel away, you always have to nibble your nails so that they will have a good shape.

6. Be careful with the straps of the bra.

Never let the bra straps to be visible to everyone. Whether if they match the colors you currently have, they will disrupt your layout.

7. Proper length is always important.

Selecting pants can be a difficult job, especially if you are shorter than the rest of the girls. Capri pants can make you look even shorter, so you should be careful when you go shopping. Make sure the length will be somewhere in the area between the knees and ankles. In a combination with a tight shirt with short sleeves, capri pants will make you look gorgeous.

8. Tight is not always a solution

Avoid trying to look weaker by wearing tighter clothes. Inevitably, the results will be disastrous, because it will come to light weight. You do not want to emphasize what you want to hide right?!

9. The white problem

Never combine white shoes with white pants, dresses or shorts. If you find yourself in that situation, just put a purse, jewelry or shoes in another color to break the monotony.

10. Thongs are not for the back.

Girls, do not bother trying to show your thong by climbing it higher. A thong that is visible and raised up makes you look bad and gives a wrong picture of you, so it is always better to keep it a little lower.

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