What To Wear With A White Shirt

What To Wear With A White Shirt

White shirt is a classic piece of clothing that has always been part of the wardrobe of every men. But in recent years the white shirt is considered boring and non-modern piece of clothing that leaves the shirt pressed behind in the closet to catch dust and to be replaced with some shirts in vivid, dazzling colors. To deny this myth i will show you how white shirt can be combined with other pieces of clothing,so that u can convert the brilliant part of your image.

Dark blue suit

Probably the simplest and most effective combination for the white shirt is a classic dark blue suit. If you are a sports type, you can use this combination when you need to go to a wedding, celebration or other particular event. Also, if you have a very important work meeting, then this combined with an interesting tie would fit perfectly for your working style.

Sweater and jeans

To achieve “casual” youngster appearance, dress jeans and white shirt, on top of that put your favorite sweater. This combination is an excellent choice for all generations, from young to the older generations , from rich to poor. To look like this, everything you need to do is to choose a nice lightly sweater which stands attached to the body and a white shirt that matches the sweater, no matter what small part of it will be peaking.

Sports jacket

If you are a student and want to get the academic look at your style, dress a sport jacket over your white shirt. If u want to look more “casual” leave the jacket unbuttoned or add an interesting chic bow ties on your neck to look serious. If none of these variants are appropriate for you, you can try out a jacket and a shirt to combine with a dark vest and a classic tie so you can get the clothing style of the 1950’s . With any of these combinations for the upper body, wear jeans or pants, depending on whether you want to look casual or more formal.

Shorts and sandals

An interesting option for the summer can be a white shirt with shorts below the knees and sandals. White shirt in this case is an excellent choice because even if sewn from thick cotton, the color will reject solar heat and maintain bearable temperature of your body.

Leather jacket

Wear a white shirt under a leather jacket to look sexy and masculine. For this combination is very important to be well fit in the pattern of the shirt. I recommend that non-classical shirt and “rebel” leather jacket and a plain “old school” jeans to highlight your charms.

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