Ladies, Here’s How You Can Customise Your Uniform for a Unique Appeal

Ladies, Here’s How You Can Customise Your Uniform for a Unique Appeal

Who says your commercial uniform has to be dull? There are several ways in which you can reinvent your look while keeping it per the needs of your company. 

From comfort and style to elegance, follow the post below to incorporate such elements in your uniform and stand out. 

If You Have Options, Choose Well

Many workplaces offer options to their female employees where they can decide among a few varieties. For example, if you have an opportunity to wear a skirt or a pant, choose what makes you comfortable. Fashion starts with comfort and so if your preferred choice doesn’t give you mobility, then you might want to reconsider it. 

Also, ask your employer to invest in quality fabric for reducing any chances of rashes. Also, adding beads, Brisbane embroidery and other fancy elements will enhance the look of the uniform.

Focus on the Fit

An ill-fitted piece of clothing always attracts attraction for all the wrong reasons. Whether you are wearing a casual dress or a uniform, ill-fit never seems to please anyone. Make sure that you focus on the fitting since that is an element which is under your control. Depending on the need of the job and the look that you will be carrying every day, get your uniform tailored to fit you well.

Add in a Little Embroidery

While there are several jobs where even the slightest change to the uniform is unbearable. However, if you are lucky enough to be working in an environment where a few tweaks won’t hurt anyone, then add in a little Brisbane embroidery to jazz up your ensemble. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, so you don’t have to get rid of it. You can contact the uniform experts to help you with the same.


From your favourite bracelet to a ring or earrings, subtly accessorise your uniform to own it. While maintaining the dignity of your workplace is essential, try to add a small aesthetic element to your overall look, which adds vibrancy while keeping it all under control. 

Keep the Makeup Minimum

If you can’t add accessories, then let your makeup do the talking for you. A natural makeup look never hurts, and so bear the same in mind when doing your touch-ups. Bold lipsticks and fashionable curls are a big no-no as you aren’t headed to the MET Gala. A high-ponytail or naturally open hair with even skin tone and a nude lip should do the job for you. 

A little change can go a long way in making you comfortable in your work clothes and ensuring higher productivity from you. Also, if you have the opportunity or the power to make changes for others as well, incorporate style elements like embroidery and badges for all the other employees too for a trendy makeover. Let us know in the comments below how well these tips worked out for you.

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