Fashion Accessories For Spring Summer

Fashion Accessories For Spring Summer

Fashion accessories for the style are as spices for the food, without them everything seems incomplete. You can agree that the simplest and the most boring fashion combination can be turned into a look that deserves sighs and compliments only by carefully selected accessories. During the sunny season, fashion accessories have become  noticeable. In addition i bring you the current trends that you want to insert into your style.

JEWELLERY: The Impressive Return Of The Earrings.

When it comes to jewelry, few seasons ago was all about necklaces. Now with the start of this spring we can witness the great comeback of the remarkable earrings. The golden color, exotic patterns, the colors of precious stones, with two or three rows of beads. You have tremendous freedom in the choice of stylish earrings. Give a chance to the jumbo earrings to emphasize femininity to your look.

JEWELLERY: A Range Of Bracelets.

Arrange a few bracelets on your hand to give a “weight” to your style. Lose the fear to mix different colors of bracelets. If summer variety motives are present in your clothes, arrange the arm bracelets in colors that dominate your outfit.

Jewelry: Necklaces With Multiple Layers

Thin necklaces that are formed from several layers can give you a very elegant look. You can combine several necklaces of different lengths or a very long necklace so that you can  wind it several times around your neck.

Sunglasses: Cat’s Eyes

The magic of the retro style continues to win more fans. From the style of the 60’s, cat’s eye glasses are still as popular as last year.

Eyeglasses: Colored Frames

Glasses with colored frames are present on the fashion runways, and now they start invading the streets.

Eyeglasses: Round Sunglasses

Glasses with circular windows, type of glasses favored by John Lennon are among the glasses that do not deserve to be neglected.

Hats: Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are a full fashion hit during the summer. They are great to hide your head from the sun while you’re at the beach or while walking around town.

Colorful scarves

Jeans, simple t-shirt, ballet shoe, cool sunglasses and colorful headscarf – the best combination for a day out during the warmer days. Colorful scarves that seem fresh and youthful are a fashion accessories that you must not ignore. Don’t wait go and buy one.

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