How To Choose The Perfect Jeans ?

How To Choose The Perfect Jeans ?
Every man in his closet must have at least one pair of jeans with the perfect shape. It may seem like an impossible mission, but if you follow these little tips, shopping would be faster and more efficient for you.

Advice from a friend

Fastest way  for you to buy jeans when shopping is to take a lady with you. Women know where the best models are, they know the most favorable prices and if a girl tells you that your jeans fit perfect, you know that you have made the right choice.

The cut

The cut depends on your body structure. Jeans should naturally fall from the hips. Never ever  buy some that clamp around the stomach and passes over the boundary limit of the hips.

Appearance of jeans

I say “less is better”. Stick to this motto and you will have no problems. Avoid jeans filled with unnecessary fashion details like too many pockets, zircons and other stuff. A comfortable model is one that is narrower at the bottom.


Navy blue jeans are the classic ones, but feel free to buy some black or colored jeans, as long as it goes with the rest that you wear it’s fine.

My personal favorite jeans

I always wear some nice blue jeans. I never choose a brand, as long as they fit well to my body and to my clothing style they are okay.

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