Top 10 Girls Must Have Fashion Pieces For Summer

Top 10 Girls Must Have Fashion Pieces For Summer

Summer clothing should be lightweight and comfortable for your skin to breathe and to be free to move. The good news is that fashion trends this year are offering just that.Before the start of summer, complete your summer wardrobe with these pieces of clothing and i guarantee you will not stay unnoticed.

Little white dress

White dress does not attract the sun’s rays, but they sure do attract curious male eyes. You dress fast and within seconds you are ready to bolt on the beach or to a favorite café. Choose a simple model in combination with different fashion accessories which will always give you a new different look.

Maxi dress

Playful and ultra-romantic, maxi dresses continue to win women’s hearts. Why are they so popular? First, because with one move you are dressed from head to toe within a second, because with a few accessories they can easily transition from a day into night outfit.

Broad high pants

Do not spend this summer without linen or tweed pants with wide trousers and high waist.Great for work on days when the temperatures reaches the maximum. They are easily combined with a thin shirt and you can have a trendy look combined with a simple shirt and suspenders, they are ideal for fresh nights because they seem irresistible.

Sailor shirts

Stripes are super trendy this summer. Although designers are offering clothes with stripes in different strong colors, the safest colors are blue and white sailor stripes. “Sailors” combinations always receive honorable place in the summer wardrobe. To the blue and white combination, add red or yellow details and you will easily avoid a fashion mistake.

Metallic neutral or low sandals

In the next three months give your legs a rest.Low sandals have never been that modern like this year,Why to be constantly tormented to wear uncomfortable high heels? Choose gold or silver sandals with lots of strap.They will be able to fit in countless combinations for the beach and around town.

Mini sweet pouches

Everything you need this summer has to be able to fit into a small pouch. Pouches with a long handle that is carrying over yout shoulder are the greatest hit and you must be supplied with at least one pouch.The trend for this summer is pouch with strong visible colors.

Urban hot shorts

High temperatures will force the ladies to show their legs. Cool off with the urban high waist shorts that will give you the simultaneously elegant and chic urban look.They are a modern replacement for the mini-skirts,honestly i prefer women with hot shorts instead of mini-skirts

Slim brown belt

Highlight your half with a thin brown belt. Choose classic belt or belt in the form of braid so you can combine the maxi dress, floral skirt with high waist, pants, coat or long shirt – the choice is unlimited.

Colorful scarfs

Regardless of print, regardless of color, colorful scarves are mandatory fashion accessory this summer. But scarves are not just about neck and should more often to repeat. You can wear them strapped to your heads, splice the hair braided or replace the belt.

Short skirts with an interesting print

Don’t rush for the narrow short skirts. Let your choice be A-line skirts. They allow you the freedom of movement and emphasize the shape of the female body. The absolute goal are the skirts who are with floral pattern they are a reminiscent of the popular vintage style. While talking about the so-called “must-have” pieces of clothing, please narrow the list if some of them do not fit into your style of dress.

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