Hairstyles Trends For Spring

Hairstyles Trends For Spring

In a season dominated by minimalism and femininity, stylists had no choice but to adapt and to set simple and elegant trends in hair. Playful, carefree,lot of volume, free released or collected in modified “horse tails” – hair in the new season should look natural, and yet to  leaves an impression.

 Here are the most dominant trends in hairstyles for the warm season:

Knitted And Romantic Chaos

Knitted hair had became a hit and forced us to use imagination to create unpredictable textures.

Unusual Variations Of The “Horse Tail”

The “horse tail” is no longer a hairstyle just for going out to the gym. Fun variations of classic of this hairstyle are flooding the runways and the streets. No matter whether you catch it low or high head just add some elements that will differentiate from ordinary “horse tails”. Stylists offer haircuts and a few horse-tails connected in an interesting way.

Glamorous And Rich Volume Hair

Hair with a rich volume as expected is experiencing a huge comeback.

Retro style

The style of the past is an endless source of ideas for designers and stylists. Retro waves, locks of the 20’s, French “twist” … Do not let those creative ideas to stay in the past and incorporate them into your style rose to the level of glamor and elegance.


Female fashion trends has updated some romantic accessories. Regardless of the length of hair, everyone can use a wreath . Different styles can help you look irresistibly cute or fun and creative, or sexy and seductive.


Are you  not afraid of changing  your hair style? Then the trend “head scarf” is just for you. Show courage by adding printed scarves to your hair, but if you do not want to fall in everyone’s eyes, select a scarf in a neutral color. Even the simplest fashion combination can look ultra chic if you supplement it with interesting scarf in your hair This trend will certainly get more swing on the beach during the summer.

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