3 Types Of Shirt That You Need To Have In Your Closet

3 Types Of Shirt That You Need To Have In Your Closet

Besides choosing the perfect suit, it is very important to choose what you will wear beneath that suit. A nice shirt gives a man the complete and perfect look.


1.White shirt

Of course you should have at least one white shirt in your closet. White shirt is a classic piece that always looks elegant and well. The last few years the white shirt is a fashion trend again. You can combine the white shirt with almost everything. If it is a special occasion, combine the shirt with a black suit and a black tie. If u attend a wedding than go for a white shirt with a white tie.

2.Shirt with stripes

A classic shirt with thin stripes is used for almost any occasion. No matter the color of the lines, if they are thin you can not make a mistake in choosing this type of shirt. The lines in the shirt shows your style and features. you can choose between thin and wide stripes, neutral or strong colors . A classic type of this shirt has thin stripes in neutral colors like gray or blue. It’s ideal for working in the office and a perfect combination with a pair of nice jeans.

3.Monochrome shirt

In your closet you have several shirts that are monochrome. They are easy to combine with T-shirts, they are leisure for any everyday activity and they are good for special occasions. The advantage of monochrome shirts is that it accentuate the suit without any accessories. This  shirt gives freshness to any suit, black shirt fits well with a dark gray suit or with jeans that have an elegant line. A tie is  not required,it  would contribute only to “lose” the shirt under the suit.

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