What to wear to a Wine Tasting

What to wear to a Wine Tasting

Yes, that was a question I received from a reader. Although I have never been to Napa, there are wineries in Pennsylvania. I went to a wine tasting last week. This is what I wore.

Although the dress code may vary from one place to another, most wineries in this area are very casual. It’s important that I look put together and professional, so a casual dress such as this Eileen Fisher cotton tank dress would be perfect.

It is comfortable and can be moved with you for walking or sitting during wine tasting.

This dress can be used for many other purposes. It has been worn with flat sandals to church and wedges for dinner with my family. I also love to wear it with sneakers to run errands in the city.

This Eileen Fisher dress is large. To test them, I ordered both the small and the large. I ended up keeping the XS. These wedge sandals look casual and cute. They’re also very comfortable. They fit true to size, or you can size up if needed. These would have been perfect for the winery that we visited last weekend. However, I was told by others who have been to Napa or larger wineries that closed-toe shoes are best. You might have to walk through the vineyards, and there may be gravel or grass. Although I was not thinking in these terms when we shot this look, you could easily swap the wedges out for a white fashion shoe or a leather sandal. It’s a shoe I have worn for several years in white.

Being intentional about what accessories you use when dressing in black is important.

These oversized, rattan earrings are perfect for wine tasting. These earrings add a natural element to the look and are casual, fun, and summery. Because the neckline is so simple, I added a layered necklace. This code 50JoLynne will give you 50% off full-price styles at Victoria Emerson during June. However, it does not seem to work at the moment. I have sent them an email so they can sort it out. A winery that is often chilly inside should consider layers. These buildings are usually made of stone, at least here. I prefer a denim jacket as a layer to a casual summer dress. It has a structure that I find flattering and more flattering than a slouchy or oversized cardigan. Denim also has a casual, chic vibe I love. This is the KUT by the Kloth Helena. It has been around for many years. This jacket is a classic indigo wash denim jacket and runs true to size. It’s a small size. And don’t forget your sunglasses! They add an extra layer of interest to your outfit and can be very useful if you are outside in the afternoon.

Because I love how it coordinates with my shoes and earrings, I carried a tory Burch leather shoulder bag. But a straw purse would look great with this outfit.

I’ve wanted to add a straw bag to my summer handbag line, but I have not yet found the right one.

This post was written to visit a winery, but you can wear it anywhere with a few tweaks.

These pieces can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe for many purposes. These classics can be worn for many years, so their cost per wear should not exceed that of a new pair.

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