Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Memorial Day is fast approaching, which means summer is on its way. So today, I am updating my summer wardrobe-essentials.

Although the transition from spring to summer is more subtle than winter to spring or summer to fall, I still enjoy reassessing and updating my summer wardrobe.

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

These “essentials”, while they may sound like a list, are more of a suggestion. When making your list, remember to consider your lifestyle, budget, and job.

This list will reflect my casual lifestyle. Your list might look different if you wear work clothes in a professional setting, but it should still serve as a starting point.

Jeans in white

White jeans are a staple in my summer wardrobe. They are a bold statement piece that can be worn with anything, from neutrals to pastels to brights. I have several pairs of them in different silhouettes that I switch between depending on my mood or the overall look.


As a stay-at-home mom, I almost live in denim shorts during summer. However, there are many good options for non-denim options. I prefer to have several lengths depending on where I am going. The shorter styles are for casual wear around the house. I will dress up the longer styles for dinner out or casual summer events.

If you have trouble with shorts, you may find my Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Shorts helpful. You don’t like shorts. You might like my post on Casual Options to Shorts.

White Tee

A white tee is a must-have. It can be worn with any outfit and dressed up with accessories. It would help if you chose a tee that fits you well and has a flattering neckline. The v-neck is universally flattering. However, you can always opt for a scoop neck or crewneck if it suits you.

Cropped Jeans & Pants

Cropped jeans or pants can be a great alternative to shorts if you’re not too hot. My crop jeans are my summer staple. Be careful about the length. Your crop pants should not reach the apex of your calf.

Skorts and Skirts

Casual skirts can be a great alternative to shorts. They are versatile, and you can wear anything, from maxi skirts to pencils to denim to woven styles. Although I don’t wear many skirts, they are a great way of elevating a casual tee. Below are some skorts that I recommend.

Jumpsuits and Dresses

Many women love dresses in summer because they are “one-and-done,” and so do jumpsuits. Although I don’t like wearing casual clothes, I have a few “occasion” dresses that I keep in my wardrobe for special occasions such as weddings and graduations.


Because they are so versatile, I recommend neutral sandals as your essential wardrobe items. Once you have your basics sorted, you can start to experiment with fun colors.

Slides and wedges are the hottest trends in fashion. Comfort sandals with a molded sole are also in fashion. This is great because you can have your cake AND eat it! Comfort sandals that don’t look frumpy are my favorite style.

Denim Jacket

It’s usually hot in summer, but I get cold in the air conditioner. I bring along a denim jacket as a layering piece. It can be worn with jeans or pants, but I also wear it with dresses.

white denim jacket looks great for summer. However, a blue jacket may be more appropriate if you are prone to wearing white jeans and trousers. Both of these jackets are my favorite, and I own one each. The trending colors this year are colors, so I added pink and green to my wardrobe.

Summer Handbag

The current handbag trends are focused on light neutrals. These include white, blush, taupe and taupe. It’s also great to have a straw bag option. Every woman is different, so I prefer a crossbody to take with me to events and then some totes or hobo bags for daily use.

You don’t want to have one bag that you carry everywhere. Choose a neutral-colored bag that will go with everything.


A stylish pair of sunglasses is essential for everyone. They protect your eyes from the sunlight, but they are also fashionable and can be found at all price points.

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