Ten Guaranteed Ways to Look Smarter Than You Are

Ten Guaranteed Ways to Look Smarter Than You Are

Although you might not be capable of changing your genes, there are proven strategies that can make you appear smarter. Although some of these strategies may seem unrelated, research has shown that they can make a huge difference. This is a valuable information resource, especially if you are trying to persuade someone to change their mind.

Don’t drink that. This is not because people are more likely to drink when they are drunk. It’s not because we assume that less intelligent people drink more; rather, the perception of impairment and drinking is so strong that impairment can be assumed even if it isn’t. It is not that job applicants believe ordering wine at a dinner interview will make their appearance more intelligent or worldly. However, this makes them less employable and intelligent. It even has a name: “Imbibing idiot bias”.

Use a middle initial. A middle initial increases your social status and raises your expectations about intelligence and performance. Participants were asked to rate Einstein’s essay about the theory of relativity. Another study asked participants to select team members. People who used middle initials were more likely to be selected for academic competitions than those who did not. It was quite different for athletic competitions. If you want to increase your perceived intelligence, use the middle initial.

Draw graphs. Cornell’s research suggests that graphs make people more trustable. Participants were asked to read a report on the effectiveness and safety of new cold medicine in one Cornell study. The graph in one report was graphic, while the graph in the other did not. They were identical other than that. However, 96% believed the claims of participants who had read the report with graphs, while 67% thought the same of those who did not have graphs. Next time you make a document, add a graph. You don’t need to make it complicated; all that is required is accuracy.

Believe in yourself. Confidence is the best way to project intelligence. Research shows that confidence in oneself can improve your performance in cognitive tasks. Your performance is affected by self-doubt. Worse, others can pick up on your doubts and make you seem less intelligent. You must believe in yourself if you want people to believe in you.

Write. You don’t need to use big words to show your intelligence. True intelligence speaks for itself, so you don’t need to display your extensive vocabulary. You also have the possibility of making mistakes. You can also look foolish if you use a big word incorrectly. If you want to be more intelligent, forget about studying the dictionary and focus on communicating effectively.

Speak expressively. Leonard Mlodinow, a communication expert, argues that even though two people may say the same thing, the person who expresses it the most clearly will be perceived to be smarter. Mlodinow stated that even though two speakers may utter the same words, one speaker speaks faster, louder, with fewer pauses, greater volume variation, and more energy. This speaker is considered to be more knowledgeable, energetic, and intelligent. Modifying your pitch, volume and speed will make you appear more intelligent.

Could you pay attention to them? It’s polite. It’s true. But it makes you smarter. Loyola University found that participants who deliberately managed eye contact scored higher in perceived intelligence.

Don’t wear nerd glasses. Your mom probably told you to be kind to nerds because you might be working for them one day. Mom was right, as usual. Research has shown that glasses, especially thick and full-framed ones, are perceived as more intelligent. If you want to appear smarter, maybe when you give a presentation? Wear your glasses and leave your contacts at home.

Keep up with the crowd. This one is literal. It may sound absurd, but it is based on research at Boston University. This is called the “timescale bias” and refers to our tendency, based on mental attributes such as consciousness, awareness, or intention, to attribute higher intelligence to people who do things at the same pace as everyone else. You need to stop being lazy if you want to appear smarter. However, it would help if you stopped running around like a crazed robot.

Dress for success. It should not be surprising. Research has shown how you can affect how others perceive you. Being well dressed makes you appear more intelligent. Showing skin can make you look less intelligent as it directs their attention to your body, not your mind. Did you know that your appearance can also impact your performance? Northwestern University recently found that people who wore lab coats were more successful in concentration and intelligence tasks.

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