Stylish Grand Slam of Women’s Tennis: Attire for Women

Stylish Grand Slam of Women’s Tennis: Attire for Women

Are you ecstatic at the satisfyingly springy sound of a tennis ball striking earth? Do you long to master your tennis skills or slice the air with your Naomi Osaka racket? You might also want to fine-tune your tennis clothing selection. You’re in luck. Court sports play a major role in women’s summer 2022 fashion trends. You’re sure to find plenty more tennis clothing to add to your wardrobe. If you aren’t sure where to begin, don’t worry. You have come to the right spot. It’s time for you to get on the court with style. We have top tips for what to wear when playing tennis.

Tennis Dress Code

Let’s start with the dress code before getting to our tennis outfit inspiration. Tennis has a particular aesthetic, whether it’s the traditional preppy look of the pastime or the all-white outfits at Wimbledon. You’ll need to consider dress codes when thinking about how to golf. There are no hard and fast rules about what attire is acceptable for women who practice tennis on public courts. You’re good as long as you can swing and run after the ball.

Are you playing at a semi-private or private club? These clubs have stricter rules and require that players wear specially-designed clothing. You can choose from polo-style shirts or tank tops and tennis skirts with compression underwear. Clubs have followed Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rules that, for years, strictly forbade leggings and some other types of shorts. The old rules for women’s tennis dress codes are being updated. Please check with your club.

What Shoes Should I Wear to Play Tennis?

Are you ready for a twist in the plot? Tennis shoes are not the best shoes for playing tennis. Tennis shoes are often referred to interchangeably as general sneakers. However, tennis court sneakers are specifically designed for this sport. They are meant to keep your feet close to the ground. These tennies are also more rigid to help stabilize your steps as you move from one side to the other across the baseline. These tennies can be a great investment if you are determined to become a tennis pro.

Do you want to start? You can also use traditional athletic sneakers. Consider the shoes you will wear for tennis. Choose a pair that has low cushioning and good ankle support. You’ll need something light and breathable to keep you going match after match for the best performance. It doesn’t matter what shoe you choose. Ensure the treads don’t scratch the court. It’s all about the basics. Let’s now look at some fashion-forward combinations of tennis clothes to inspire you.

Tennis Outfits that Inspire Your Inner Athlete

Now you know what to wear for tennis. The next step is to add a few essential pieces to your wardrobe. These items are synonymous with tennis, including Billie Jean King. Think of athletic dresses and skirts. Other options are more recent additions to the sports fashion collection, such as shorts or leggings. These options combine performance fabrics with practical silhouettes and trendy colors with retro details. Are you ready to fall in love? These are the top styles we recommend you wear to make yourself the queen of the court.

Tennis Skirt Outfits

It might seem strange to wear a tennis skirt if you are new to the sport. These staples of women’s tennis attire are designed with performance in mind. These skirts are made with flexible, moisture-wicking fabric and have built-in compression shorts to maximize agility.

Pro tip: Before you take your skirt out to topspin it, try it on at home. It would help if you were comfortable with the length of the skirt and the coverage. After you have found the perfect fit, try different colors. You can wear a bright shade of mango yellow or a hibiscus pink skirt to reach the service box. These bright colors can be balanced with cool, contrasting tops. For the bold, we recommend combining a matching set. To keep your arms open and ready for action, a timeless polo shirt or a racerback tank can be worn as a shirt.

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