Road Trip Packing Guide: Women’s Guide to On-the-Go Style

Road Trip Packing Guide: Women’s Guide to On-the-Go Style

Grab your packing list for your road trip, ladies. The open road is calling you. It’s hard not to love the feeling of driving off on an adventure. This is a great way to get out of your daily routine and recharge your spirit this summer. Get out a piece of paper and draw a route for the getaway you want to take. Maybe you don’t know where to go. That’s okay. You can let the sound of the tires hitting the pavement, and the breeze on your face inspire you to go out exploring. We’ll walk you through the best styles to take along the road. Please keep reading to find our top road trip essentials.

Road Trip Packing Guide: Women’s Clothing Basics to Travel by Car

The basics are the first stop on our fashion journey. These are your essentials. These are the sartorial equivalent to keeping water, snacks, and a car-friendly charger in your centre console. There are some essential pieces of clothing for women that you should bring with you on your road trip, no matter what the destination. These are low-maintenance pieces that can be mixed, matched and layered with ease. Are you ready to take your style on cruise control. Let’s begin with the tops.

The Tops of the Road Trip Packing Guide

Our minds instantly think of lightweight, layerable items when packing for a road trip. You’ll be ready for any unexpected trip to a new climate. Start things off with a white T-shirt. For long shifts behind the wheel, a boyfriend cut is best. A lettuce-hem version is a great option if you want to incorporate 90s fashion trends in your look. We recommend that you add a tank top to any road trip packing list for warm-weather treks. This is where breathability is important, so choose cotton-blend fabrics over synthetics. Are you heading to a colder area? In the back seat, keep a jacket or sweater. An easy way to change your outfit is with a cable-knit cardigan or a utility-pocket baget.

Stylist Travel Tip – Before you put together your travel wardrobe, make sure to check the care tags on your sweaters and shirts. You should choose pieces that can be machine washed or do not require special drying instructions. For those times when you have to rinse the piece at a rest station, it is best to stick with easy-care. You’ll be back playing the license plate games in no time.

The Road Trip Packing Guide Basics

You’re ready to go with your stylish, but simple tops. Now, you can load up on bottoms that reflect the same attitude. If you are the road trip pilot, make sure it doesn’t interfere with driving. Avoid stiff jeans and heavy skirts, which can cause you to feel strained when you push the pedal. Choose Bermuda shorts or breezy joggers to keep your legs moving. For denim lovers who are serious about their style, this is the time to try the straight-leg pant and wide leg pant trends . These relaxed silhouettes are a must-have for road trips as they will make the ride more enjoyable. You can swap your maxi skirt out for a more practical, midi-length version if pants are not your thing. While you can still channel the bohemian style of wanderlust travelers, you won’t lose your footing. Road trip-savvy shoes are the next exit.

Essential Road Trip Packing List

A woman’s best friend is her shoes. Comfortable outfits for road trips are no different. Shoes that are comfortable to drive in and easy to use for sightseeing will be ideal. Sneakers are the best choice for basic needs. You can choose a pair of athletic sneakers with a lot of cushioning if you plan to run from the landing pad. For the more laid-back traveler, slip-ons or canvas shoes will work just as well. These shoes can be easily packed away later.

Strappy sport sandals are a great option for those who want to let their feet breathe. You can let your feet roam freely without worrying about your shoes sliding off as you shift gears. You are not the driver for this excursion. You can go barefoot as long as you take in the sights from your window.

Essential Road Trip Packing List Accessories

A few accessories are essential for any road trip outfit. We’re not ignoring the essentials. These pieces will not only make your outfit look great, but they also keep your car clean and tidy. For example, a hat. In your glove box, keep a baseball cap and a Y2K-inspired bucket hat. Sunglasses can be a great accessory for keeping the sun out of your eyes while you navigate. Let’s not forget the bag that you will be carrying all your essentials on your road trip.

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