Everybody has their favourite jeans. No matter your style preference, you will have your favourite jeans for quite some time. They’re strong and stylish year after year. You may find yourself in a style rut after wearing the same jeans for many years. But not anymore! Give up the boring tee shirt and flip-flops this season, and style your favourite jeans with some styling help.

What’s My Body Type?

Jeans are a great fashion investment. They can be worn for many years, even if they get ripped or faded. It doesn’t matter if your favourite pair of shoes is no longer in fashion, they will be back soon. Before adding them to your wardrobe, make sure they flatter your body. Use your body type to help you choose the style that suits you best.

Pear Figure

Pear-shaped women tend to have smaller breasts and larger hips/thighs. You must balance your body with different shapes. High-waisted jeans will not flatter a pear body. Choose low- to mid-rise jeans, such as a boyfriend or cropped. These jeans will balance your bottom and make you look amazing.

Tall Figure

Jeans are best for long legs. So embrace your tall figure, and wear them all year! Long length jeans look great on long legs. Avoid cropped styles, and choose ones that reach your ankles. Flared styles, such as mom jeans or ripped denim, will flatter your body and highlight your lean figure.

Hourglass Figure

You’ll be able to wear most styles of jeans if you have an hourglass figure. High-waisted mom jeans and skinny jeans will flatter your figure the best. Skinny jeans will highlight your feminine curves and cling to your legs. Mom jeans will focus attention on your defined waist.

Column Figure

Although column figures are athletic, they can also look masculine if not properly dressed. Choose styles that flatter your column figure. Try skinny or mom styles with a mid-rise to high rise to define your waist. These styles are slim fitting and highlight your curves, accentuating your feminine features.

Petite Figure

Wearing heavy-weight denim can make petite figures and slim frames look disproportionate. Cropped, straight-leg, and skinny jeans will help you avoid looking like you are drowning in jeans. They will flatter your body better because they are shorter and more fitted than other styles of jeans. It would be best to look for styles with a low or mid-rise waist, as they can look awkward.

Curvy Figure

Show your curves if you are a curvy person. It would be best to hide your curves with loose clothes like boyfriend jeans. Excess fabric will only make you appear larger than you are. Jeans with a feminine silhouette, such as skinny jeans or lightly flared styles, will highlight your feminine features. Dark-wash jeans with a medium- to high-rise are best for flattering looks.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

For fashion-conscious women, skinny jeans are a staple of every wardrobe. This style can be worn in a tight fit and has a slimming effect while still showing off your curves. The season is all about finding the perfect balance for your skinny jeans. You can balance your skinnies with lighter tops and shoes, as most of them come in black or dark blue. Pairing white tops with denim is a great way to show off your white skinnies. To balance the slimming look of your pants, choose a loose, flowing style like this season’s off-the-shoulder top.

How to wear ripped jeans

Everyone has worn ripped jeans at some point in their life. Although denim can be cut in many different ways, the result is always the same. You can see the frayed edges, tears and holes creating a distressed look with a touch of grunge. Pair your ripped jeans with a pair of well-done pieces this season to manage them. A balance of polish will give your jeans a more edgy look and tone down the grunge feel. To offset your exposed skin, choose slim pieces and provide coverage. The easiest way to achieve this look is with a turtleneck sweater and blazer. Accessorize with chic accessories such as high heels and sunglasses.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a casual and cute option for weekend wear that comfortable and easy to wear. For cooler weather, pair your boyfriend jeans and a loose-knit jumper with a crop top (or a loose shirt tucked in). To balance the heavy, oversized, slouchy pants, keep your waistline defined. You can dress up or down your boyfriend jeans this season with the help of footwear. You can pair them with open-toe heels for a polished look or with the white sneaker, this year’s most popular casual shoe. Keep the cuffs on your boyfriend jeans at the bottom. This will give you a flash of skin at your ankles and prevent your body from looking covered in fabric.

How to Wear Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are a hot style this season. This cut can be found on straight or skinny-leg jeans with a high hip. This season, wear your cropped jeans with the hems approximately one- to two inches higher than your ankles. Wearing flat, closed-toe shoes such as brogues or sneakers with this small amount of skin will give your jeans a balanced look. To keep the look, you can wear heels in low, chunky heels with closed toes. This casual weekend look can be completed with a loose top and let your jeans’ length shine.

How to Wear Mom Jeans

Mom jeans and high waisted jeans are so wrong. They’re right. It’s hard to pinpoint it, but we love the mid-blue straight leg styles. Maybe it’s the way they perfectly cinch your waist, creating the hourglass silhouette. Perhaps they can lengthen your legs. We love them, no matter what it may be. Wear them proudly if you also love them. Don’t forget to take your mom’s old clothes with you and pick stylish pieces. To add modern chic style, try feminine blouses and tops made of lightweight cotton or satin. High heels can give you a youthful look without worrying about fitting.


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