How to Look Smart at School

How to Look Smart at School

This guide will focus on your physical appearance and offer tips and advice about how to behave in school. If she puts her efforts into achieving her goals, a smart girl can take the world by storm. This article assumes you already know that you are a smart girl. However, you can learn more about how to make your intelligence shine by becoming a smarter girl, even by looking at your body.

Imagine yourself as the “smart” girl. Take a look at other smart girls. What do you love about them? What are you most disappointed with? Make a list. You should consider what you like and dislike about them. Research has shown that hair of medium length is considered intelligent. Medium-length hair can be neatly braided, worn down naturally, or put in a bun. You can keep your hair longer if you prefer, but you need to ensure that it is neat. No matter what your style preference, it should not take too much time to maintain. Spend more time learning than standing in front of the mirror. You should keep your hair natural and not use any dye or other hair products. You can also use a small leather headband.

Dress intelligently. T-shirts featuring university logos or names, polo shirts made of cotton, plain and tailored pants, and neat, well-cut, sensible leather shoes/sandals make a great choice. You can also wear navy blue, brown, and plaids, but not every day. Avoid flashy clothing and trends. Be modest. Do not show too much skin.

Makeup should be simple and not over-extended. Try to imitate the look of women of similar stature. Take inspiration from websites focusing on working women’s makeup and use it only. If you don’t like wearing makeup, there’s no need to. Avoid excessive piercings.

If you have to wear glasses, do so. Please make sure they are clean, especially rounded or rectangular frames. Extraordinary frames are best. Don’t be too fussy if you don’t use them.

These items are essential: A practical backpack that is not too large, a book to read, an address list to keep your friends’ numbers in, notebooks for various purposes, school paper, pencils with good erasers and ballpoint pens, a manual pencil sharpener that can be used without putting it over a trash bag, good art erasers and good eraser caps, as well as a planner/study guide.

Impress your teachers by studying hard and striving to improve your grades. Ask your teachers for suggestions on how you can earn extra credit. High school teachers will make recommendations for you about college. Keep this in mind. Be a “doer” at school. This could mean winning the science fair, running for office, or organizing the school dance. Good articles can be written for the school newspaper.

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