Why I Am Using Jengu Tattoo Aftercare On My Own Tattoos?

Why I Am Using Jengu Tattoo Aftercare On My Own Tattoos?

My recent contemplating, however, led me to realise that I owe you all my own personal, genuine, opinion. Which tattoo aftercare do I personally use for my own tattoos? Inkluded is a brand, yes, but I’m also an individual blogger so I owe you this information (completely un-sponsored!).

Since late 2016 (when the product launched), I have been using an aftercare wax from a company called Jengu on all of my healing tattoos. I moved to pure coconut oil a year ago but since trying Jengu’s tattoo care products last year, knew instantly that I wouldn’t be using anything else for the foreseeable future. At the same time, I’m always quite open-minded when it comes to hearing about new things and speaking to as many people as possible – I always consult with my tattooist after any appointment and will always gain their advice and information.

I always dry heal for the first two days after a tattoo session. I only bring moisture into the process from day three onwards. For me, this is now in the form of Jengu’s ‘Insta-Heal‘ wax. Personally, my skin – and healing tattoo wounds – just love it. I’ve had reactions in the past from other aftercare products that include non-natural ingredients, but I regularly put the oils included in Jengu’s ‘recipe’ on my skin anyway in other creams (coconut, lavender, tea tree). My tattoos instantly reacted well to their mix. Listen to your own body.

It’s non-oily. Because it uses soy wax to bind everything together, it doesn’t have the ‘slippery’ and greasy feel of other coconut-oil-based tattoo products. It’s strangely light-weight and my skin feels like it’s still breathing whilst at the same time benefiting from the healing properties of the oils used. What I’ve done here is explained the benefits of this product very badly and in very non-technical terms!

That’s why, in the coming months you’re going to be hearing directly from the team behind Jengu. They’ll be telling you a little bit about their tattooing backgrounds and strong motivations to create a new range of products for the market that focus purely on clients and healing. I’ve been spending time with them in the last few months and getting to know their business intentions – so much ‘good stuff’ that I can’t wait to share with you all. I am also going to be speaking to the tattooists now dedicated to using these tattoo care products so they can take you through the benefits from a professional viewpoint. They’ve all got loads to tell you about what they do, how and why they do it, and they’ve also got some exciting giveaways coming your way too.

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