Treatment Of Hypo Pigmentation, A Skin Condition Resulting In Lightening Of Skin Color

Treatment Of Hypo Pigmentation, A Skin Condition Resulting In Lightening Of Skin Color

Melanin, a pigment present in your skin, is responsible for skin tanning. The production of this pigment is triggered by DNA damage caused by U VB radiation, one of the main reasons why sun bathing has been deemed unhealthy. The depletion of this pigment however is also cause for concern. This is the main pigment responsible for the color of your skin. Decrease in production of melanin results in the color of your skin becoming lighter, than what it naturally is. This phenomenon is termed as.

These are Vitiation, which results in smooth and white patches forming on your skin, Albinism, a hereditary disorder which is caused by absence of the enzyme which produces melanin or because of skin damage. Of these hypo pigmentation caused by skin damage is the only one which can be successfully treated. Albinism has no cure, while Vitiligo can be helped to some extent.

Treatment Of Hypo Pigmentation

Hypo pigmentation as a result of skin damage is not permanent most of the time. While it may take time for your skin to repigment, your skin color will become normal again. Till then you car rely on cosmetics to conceal the damaged skin, till your body renews the pigment, bringing back your earlier skin color. Sunscreen application is a must for those who suffer from this skin ailment. Sunscreen helps to maintain to keep your unaffected skin from darkening. For albinos, applying sunscreen should be a regular routine. It is essential to apply sunscreen within the hour and daily, especially when outdoors during day time. This is because the body’s natural defense mechanism against UVB (skin cancer causing rays) is not present.

Topical use of a broad spectrum sunscreen (protection against UVA & UVB rays) will help to prevent skin cancer caused as a result of sun damage. There are also other topical applications of creams which can help to some extent. Topical applications of Contortionists and Immunomodulator like the Tacrolimus ointment can help against hypo pigmentation in children. These medications should be taken after consultation with your doctor. Modern photo chemotherapy is one of the treatments which have had successful results against hypo pigmentation. Medical therapies in conjunction with different forms of UV radiation are other treatment options. Hypo pigmentation is a skin condition affecting many people. While you can’t totally get rid of it, cosmetic applications go a long way in concealing this disorder. Hypo pigmentation is not dangerous; however a sunscreen is a must for those suffering from this condition, to avoid other medical problems.

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