How I Ended Up Visiting a Beauty Salon for Body Wrap Treatment

How I Ended Up Visiting a Beauty Salon for Body Wrap Treatment

Summer was in, and I was at a loss of clothes.

No, I am not a miser or lack a wardrobe. But, somehow, for some goddamn reasons, I had gained weight and was simply not losing it. Fitting into my old dresses was a far cry. Exercises, diets, and even slimming pills – I had tried it all and failed miserably! Post failure had arrived, an obsession of ransacking the Internet, followed by relentless Googling of ‘weight loss tips’ and brooding over how to burn the calories asap. The drill was high and the results were zero. And then, one fine day, I came across something called ‘body wrap treatment.’ Inspiration poured in, as usual. But, I feared if it would be worthwhile. Nevertheless, a decision was made and I stepped forward to ‘guinea pig’ myself for the heck of it. It was a GREAT decision, I’ll tell you now.

A promising scope:

Because I had excessively Googled practically everything about weight loss, I knew how body wraps help in tightening skin and losing weight, even if temporarily. Toxin elimination and muscle relaxation are other benefits. But, my entire focus was on how to fit into my summer wardrobe at all costs. What had attracted me was the claim that ‘women hit the spa and leave an hour or so later, all slimmed down!’

The great discovery:

I did some more research and found that a nearby beauty salon in Beckenham is offering awesome body wrap treatment, and headed off to the parlour straightaway!

My dream comes true:

A nervous me was first introduced to a toxin-drawing ‘detox wraps’ and later to an elliptical machine with ‘power wraps’ soaked in some electrolyte solution. My skin was exfoliated to ‘get rid of dead skin,’ like the therapist had explained. What I had experienced next, was something like ‘mummification.’ There was heat and there was sweat. I had soon dozed off and woke up only when the therapist said, ‘It’s done.’

Did I lose any weight? Had I slimmed down?

Hell yeah! All that ‘Googling’ had finally paid off. My summer wardrobe now welcomes me like never before. Did I exercise? No. Did I change my diet plans? No. Did I consume weight loss pills? No.

I just visited the parlour and tried body wrap treatment. So, when are you trying it out?

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