Fruits And Skin Care

Fruits And Skin Care

Fruits have for long been known to be of benefit to human health, but of late the use of fruits to help in protecting the skin have begun to gain increasing mileage in the eyes of health fanatics everywhere. Extracts of compounds founds in berries and in particular Pomegranates have been proven to be of great help in protecting skin and helping it combat the ill effects of UV exposure. This gives people an entirely new way of dealing with skin aging and wrinkles and is fast catching on as a new treatment. Dermatologists speculate that it may be the presence of ellagic acid in the fruit that proves beneficial to collagen in the skin, slowing down its decay.

This in turn would help maintain the ceular and structural integrity of the skin and helps slow down the appearance of wrinkles over time. Tests conducted on lab mice demonstrated fully the effect of polyphenol on the skin as it prevented the skin from degrading significantly once exposed to UV radiation. Dietary and planned interventions composed of pomegranate and fruit extracts was also seen to decrease the level of inflammation within skin and this shows good prospects of being applied in understanding the link between diet and health. This idea also extends to the way our diet affects our physical and a lot more consumers are now being receptive to the idea of ‘beauty from within’, which means that our appearances are dictated by the food items.

We consume and several nutrients such as lutein, lycopene, flavanol-rich chocolate, hydrolysed collaged, and superoxide dismutase (SOD) are gaining in popularity to their ability to not only enhance our wellbeing and fitness but also our outwardly appearances. Take pomegranates for example. The ellagic acid present within it helps to break down and destroy free radicals and the oil created from its seed is treated as an elixir that can prevent or regress some of the effects of aging. Fruits can be ingested as is or in liquid form but to get the best of its skin car properties it must be applied locally to the skin. Cosmetologists have come up with several offerings that contain fruit extracts and oils and these can be commonly found in most skin care shops. What better than an all-natural way to take care of ourselves, and fruits such as Pomegranate are the ideal natural cure-it for commonly found skin ailments.

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