Cosmetic Clay Mask For Younger Looking Skin

Cosmetic Clay Mask For Younger Looking Skin

The best remedies, sometimes, are expected the least. In case of skin, dirt may be the least thought of substance that could clean and nourish it right to the pores, but actually it is one best method. Cosmetic clay, which is accumulated from quarries, volcanic ash, and the seafloors across the globe, consists of a multitude of minerals that nourish the skin. The properties of this clay are naturally absorbent in nature, which help the skin to shell out all the debris, excessive oils, dead cells, and other toxins from the pores of the skin. One clay mask, also known as a mud mask, used once weekly also aids one to have a supple, deeply clean and smooth complexion, making him or her look younger than ever.

If you want to prepare this kind of a clay mask to heal your skin, you can use the cosmetic clay powder with water which is cool and filtered. This is one of the simplest ways in which the mask is prepared, which though least but is beneficial. If you add other liquids and ingredients to the mask, your benefits will exceed. Even if green tea is used, cooled down one, it provides the additional properties of antioxidant to the mask that boosts and helps fight the creation of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. A very dry or irritated skin can be soothed with a mix of the cosmetic clay along with cold cream or milk.

The clay mask must be used as a thick paste and not semi- liquid, since for it to work well on the skin; the paste form is a better option. This way the skin retains more benefits from the mask. You must use fingers and not the entire palms for the application of clay mask on the face or anywhere on the skin. The layer applied needs to be thick, and the sin must be washed clean and wiped dry before setting in for the mask. Exclude the eyes and the lips from the areas to mask list. You can use a clean one inch paint brush to avoid the restricted areas. After applying the mask, you must sit back to relax and the mask will dry. Sit still and take care that the dried clay mask does not fall off. You need to rinse your mask after 10 – 12 minutes of application. Last but not the least; you need to pat your skin dry with the towel so it doesn’t dry off immediately.

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