Boots Tropical Dry Shampoo Review

Boots Tropical Dry Shampoo Review

I often wonder if it’s wise spending a lot of money on the basics like dry shampoo or shower gel, afterall they only have one job to do and it’s straightforward enough. With this in mind I bought Boots Expert Dry Shampoo, which at £2.49 works out amongst the cheapest dry shampoos on the market. Can it compete with mid-range market leadersBatiste?

Boots Expert packaging is simplicity itself with large writing, which is particularly beneficial if you struggle with reading. The no-fuss design has an appealing honesty about it, separating it from far fancier premium rivals that promise the world and often disappoint. At the entry level of the market I’m not especially looking for volumising properties (despite Boots claiming you’ll get more body and bounce) nor root disguising pigments; just honest oil-absorption providing cleaner-looking, fresher-feeling hair.
First impressions aren’t great. The direction of the nozzle seems a bit off. It aims quite high, so to get the spray at the roots on top of your head you have to tilt your hand sharply down. I can’t even blame clogging for this, as it hadn’t been used, and continued spraying this way until I emptied the can. The grip is fine, though, and the discharge is even and not so forceful that you can’t get an even spray of powder.

It does go on quite white – not normally something I pick-up on, but newer rivals spray almost clear – but disappointingly I didn’t find it particularly good at cleansing my hair. With a single application my hair still felt lank and lifeless, but repeating the application does help. However, using so much product starts to erode its value card; you’ll go through a can far faster if you have to use twice as much. On the bright side it does smell nice, and the fragrance isn’t overpowering, either.

Overall, a mediocre product then. Yes, it is very affordable, but with hair as naturally oily as mine, the amount of product I needed meant it lost its trump card: value. With a bit of tweaking I’m sure this would be a great product, but despite the nice smell and refreshingly honest packaging, it’s not a dry shampoo I’d readily recommend.

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