Best Organic Body Lotions, Butters, And Serums

Best Organic Body Lotions, Butters, And Serums

Boots haven’t got around to revamping the packaging of their Botanics bodycare range yet, so it’s still available with the old-style packaging – which between you and me, I prefer. But what really matters is what’s inside and the omens look good: 83% certified organic, softening jojoba oil, handy pump dispenser and reasonable value for money.

Starting this review with comments on the pump dispenser may seem odd, but I find this method of content extraction so much easier than tubes or bottles. These get so slippery when your hands are covered in cream, it’s a nigh on impossible task to tip or squeeze more cream from a container which is starting to feel as slippery as a slug.

This beige-y coloured cream – allegedly certified organic, although I see no certification body printed on the label – is more of a light lotion, making it easy to spread around and massage in. You might not want to, though, if you don’t like the smell. It’s a rather bland fragrance that reminds me of plain yoghurt. I decided to take inspiration from the way I eat plain yoghurt – by jazzing it up with some organic honey – but to the lotion I added a few drops of lavender essential oil. It now smells lovely, but it’s not the way the manufacturer intended.

On the bright side I found Botanics’ Moisturising Body Lotion to be a perfectly decent moisturiser; my legs which can sometimes feel dry around the knees looked and felt normal again after use. It’s too oily to use as a hand lotion, but it works well as a light foot cream.
If Boots could change the fragrance of this lotion, then I’d give it another star, as it really can’t be faulted in any other area – being a lotion, rather than a cream, though, means that this isn’t designed for the very driest skin types. I would urge you to try this body lotion for yourself, as my only bugbear – the fragrance – is such a personal issue you may well disagree with me.

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