So you are going bald. Recognizing it is the first step to overcoming it. We can now move on to dealing with loss and finding ways to look great. You have two options. You have two options. You can try to hold on to your youth and pretend that you still have full hair. Two, you can gracefully deal with it. Our guide to the best men’s hairstyles will help you keep your hair looking young forever.

Clean Shave

A clean shave is the best way to hide a receding hairline and look great. This look is not for everyone, and you will only be able to determine if you are capable of pulling it off after you have tried it. This look is possible if your head shape matches your face and you are comfortable wearing it. A full beard is the best choice to bring balance to your otherwise bald head.


The buzz cut is a slightly more brutal and longer option than the straight shave. This military-inspired haircut is the best. It’s easy to maintain and very gentle on thinning hair. You can also make your facial features more defined with the buzz cut. Your face will instantly appear more polished by drawing attention from your hairline to your brow line. For a modern twist on the classic buzz cut, try tapered sides.

Faux Hawk

Although it is not a popular style, the faux-hawk is a great haircut for receding men. The faux hawk makes the most of a receding hairline by focusing attention on the middle of the hairline and away from the temples. The faux hawk is still a subtle shortcut.

Do not forget to do the comb-over

This is not a Prince Charles or Donald Trump-style. The comb-over haircut is a popular choice for men, regardless of whether or not they are bald. A receding hairline is used to lower your hair’s natural portion line. This makes the comb-over a great choice for bald brothers. This creates an artificial weight for your hair.

Get a Slicked Back

Like the comb-over, the short slicked-back hairstyle looks great on men with receding hair. The slicked-back cut is a great way to avoid adding too much weight to your hair’s top and drawing attention to your hairline.

Reduce Regulation

Another haircut that takes its inspiration from the military is this one with longer hair. The regulation haircut is an exact representation of a longer-haired military style. The regulation is a longer, more classic cut that uses a comb-over to create a defined part. This style is similar to the comb-over but uses the hairline as the main feature of the hair.

Longer hairstyles

You may be able to try a longer hairstyle if your hair is not receding but still thick. The longer haircut hides the area above your temples, most likely to show signs of receding hairline. A longer haircut is a more difficult option. If you have the right style, a longer haircut can help to shave years off your appearance.

Short Messy Hairstyle

Many men don’t want to wear their hair longer. However, for many gents, a shorter hairstyle may not appeal to them. You have the flexibility of having a textured, short hairstyle that doesn’t look messy. Allow your barber to add a little more length to your hairline. Then, blow-dry the style to increase volume and texture.

High Fade

high fade cut is a striking option for receding hairlines. You can adjust the perception of your hairline by trimming the sides and reducing the length from the base. A longer fade will draw attention to your longer, straighter hair. This style suits men who have a receding hairline.


For men with receding hairlines, the blowout haircut is a great choice. This style can be defined by having your hair brushed back and up. This look is great for adding volume to your hair and can be styled in any way, such as a fade to give it more structure. While it doesn’t hide your hairline by making the hair look longer, it shifts the focus to the crown and makes it appear thicker, fuller, and more vibrant. To create a blowout:

  1. Blow-dry your freshly washed hair.
  2. Style the hair upwards and backwards with a blow dryer.
  3. Use gel or pomade to give your hair hold.


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