5 Top African Fashions For Men

5 Top African Fashions For Men

African fashion for men has come a long way. Today, we have a wide selection of amazing African clothing for men that are available in different designs, colors, styles, and fabrics. Most of the African fashions are designed to match specific events or functions. Whether you are attending a wedding, a burial or a birthday party, there is an African attire for you. Here are five main African Fashions for men.

5 Top African Fashions for Men

1. Kenta

One of the most celebrated African styles for men is Kenta. It is seen as an image of the African-heritage all over the world. Usually, Kenta is made from silk that originates from West Africa countries that include Ghana and Nigeria. This great African design dates back more than 400-years. Initially, it was a men fashion worn only by chiefs and kings. But today, it is one of the most recognized design all over the world. The balanced pattern, design, and colors of Kenta have a specific meaning. Apart from making a particular statement, it can also symbolize cultural heritage, religious beliefs, creativity, and status.

2. Grand Boubou

Another popular African fashion for men is the Grand-Boubou. Grand-Boubou represents African masculinity. It is a 4-piece attire that also shows class and status. It is not a simple design, and can only be crafted by a skilled tailor. The whole attire comprises of pants, a top, the outer garment and a hat. The fashion originates from Gambia and Ghana, but it is now popular in almost every continent.

3. Dashikis

Today, if you search for Dashikis online, you will find numerous designs and styles for men, women, and children. However, dashiki shirts are the most popular and are made from silk, lace or cotton fabrics. Normally, the shirts have the V-shape neckline. Dashikis come with several embroidery patterns that are mostly found along the neckline and the chest. They also come in different patterns and designs. Even though dashiki fashion is very common in African countries, this African fashion has become a popular style for men across the world.

4. Brocade suits

A Brocade suit is not as popular as Dashikis but is a great African fashion for men. Normally, they come with gold trappings making them unique and very attractive. Most brocade suits are made from cotton fabric to symbolize the African roots. Also, they have become more stylish due to the detailed needlework throughout the fabric.

5. Yoruba

Yoruba is an African fashion that is so common in Nigeria and other West Africa countries. It is a traditional African attire with different styles and designs. In some countries, it is called Agbada or Baringa or Buda. It is also a four-piece attire that comprises of a hat, embroidered pants, a flowing-Agbada or Buda, and a long-sleeved shirt. It is mostly worn by high profile personality in Africa such as the President, ministers, chief and African tycoons. African fashion for men is generally described by bright colors, dazzling shapes, unique patterns and bold designs. Also, they come with several accessories such as caps, shoes, hats, head-wraps, and many other accessories.

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