10 Amazingly Versatile Hair Styles For Long Hair

10 Amazingly Versatile Hair Styles For Long Hair

How many times have you woken up in the morning and thought about doing something different with your long hair? But after hitting the snooze, you end up leaping out of bed to tie your hair back into something easy, right before you leave for work. It all starts to get a bit tedious right? The aim of this blog post is to provide you with a few new ideas that you can use to make your long hair look great. There are several attractive hair styles for long hair you can choose from when you next get your hair cut. But here are some of the most effective and simple hair styles for long hair discussed for making you more beautiful.

Half Up Do:

You just have to pick the frontal layers of hair and tie them behind. You will get a small pony tail after tying. Create a bun with the pony tail and lend the remaining part.

Messy Bun:

Tie your entire hair and do a tight pony tail. Then tease the ponytail part by part. Arrange some bobby pins and fix the teased and messy hair on your head to create a bun. It’s a versatile look to complement any shaped face. Easy and requires little time to complete. What’s not to love about a hairstyle that’s supposed to be messy?.

Side Plait:

It is nothing but doing your regular braid in side parted way. It is a very good style for regular office goers.

Regular Ponytail With A Trick:

Do your regular pony tail and place two bobby pins vertically into the rubber band. It will raise up a bit your regular ponytail.

Low Bun:

Just take your hair and create a low bun. Loosen it a bit to create a casual look. It is a perfect hair style for a day out with office and friends as well.

Pony Tail With Perfect Pouf:

Create a bouncy pouf using the pins. Then take the rest of your hair and do a pony tail. It is a trendy way to style your long hair.

Blow Dry With Wavy Highlights:

Firstly highlight your hair and then blow dry it.  Create waves using the drier. See the change in your look. Let these waves free.

Free Fall With Curl:

Hair straightening is one of the most trending style in these days. Most of the women are doing this for a change. If you want to add a pinch of exclusiveness to your look, then you can surely do curls to the lower ends of your straightened looks.

Side Bun:

Doing a side bun is an easy task. It creates a sweet and cute appearance. You can opt for side bun for your casual look.

Laid Down Layers:

If you prefer to let free your hair, then you can surely lay back your hair doing just blow dry. Make sure your hair expert is offering you a perfect hair cutting to create great layers.

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